Wow, we’re going to Ibiza: 5 advantages of buying a holiday home


Wow, we’re going to Ibiza: 5 advantages of buying a holiday home

Having a holiday home abroad is a dream come true for many people. The idea of having your own piece of paradise is very tempting. Apart from the emotional appeal, buying a holiday home abroad also offers practical benefits. The international Von Poll Real Estate brand is located in several European countries, and within our Dutch offices we have a special place in our heart for Ibiza. Hence, we are proud to offer a growing range of properties on this sun-drenched Spanish island. In this blog, we give you five of the main benefits associated with buying a holiday home abroad and why it can be a wise investment. 

A good alternative to saving 

With the current low interest rates on savings accounts, the return on savings is minimal. Buying a holiday home is one of the most profitable alternatives to return savings. 'Stone saving' has historically proved to be a good option. The regulations laid down on buying and owning a second home abroad also provides a form of security.

The investment may become worth more 

Prices in the property market can also fluctuate, but generally, property becomes worth more with time. Especially when the property is well maintained and regularly occupied. As an investment, a second home fits nicely into the picture of a long-term investment, where developments in the market actually offer an advantage.

Nice returns when renting out

A holiday home can also make money when rented out to others. This can be done through platforms such as Airbnb, for example. By renting out the property, you generate additional income and can build up more and more assets. The return the property generates depends on how often you rent it out during the year.  

Go on holiday whenever you want 

With your own holiday home, you always have a place to go whenever you want. No hassle of booking hotels or holiday homes at the last minute. You are guaranteed a pleasant stay and don't have to think about prices or availability. Moreover, you can furnish the accommodation completely to your own taste, with all the conveniences and leave your own belongings in the accommodation. Even the packing stress decreases with this!

Ideal for remote workers and digital nomads

In recent years, it has become clear to many professionals that working from home is very much possible in a variety of jobs. A holiday home can be an ideal place to work in a different environment. A change of scenery can boost creativity and inspiration, while still having the comfort of your own place and your own belongings.
A holiday home abroad is a great asset for many people. As an international real estate network, the experts at Von Poll Real Estate Amsterdam and The Hague can provide excellent assistance in your search for a holiday home in a country of your choice. Through our partners, we also currently have beautiful properties on offer in places like Ibiza. Take a look at our international offer or contact us for more information on buying a holiday home abroad. Will you join us through our partners in looking at the beautiful offerings in Ibiza?