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There is no better kickstart to a new real estate agency than having an established name and a network of experienced and modern fellow agents by your side. Under the wing of VON POLL REAL ESTATE a new partner enjoys all the freedom to do business in his or her own way in their own region of choice. VON POLL REAL ESTATE opens the doors to clients and connections in a national and international network. A new Von Poll Real Estate agent in the Netherlands becomes part of the nationally and internationally awarded brand von Poll Immobilien GmbH with more than 350 offices throughout Europe.


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Von Poll Real Estate in Europe

VON POLL REAL ESTATE is a modern agency on the Dutch housing market. We work with a team of highly experienced, multilingual and customer-oriented real estate agents and professionals with both feet on the ground. With more than 1,500 employees and 350 offices, von Poll Immobilien GmbH is one of Europe's largest networks of real estate agents so that we are always 'in the best locations for you'.

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