5 ways Von Poll Real Estate stands out as a real estate agency


5 ways Von Poll Real Estate stands out as a real estate agency

Von Poll Real Estate is a modern brokerage in the real estate market, working in the metropolitan region of Amsterdam and The Hague and surrounding areas. With the traditional and reliable image of Von Poll Immobilien and a very unique view on real estate our real estate agents have all the tools they need to work with passion and enthusiasm for their clients. In this blog, we take a closer look at five core values of our offices. Why would you, as a client, choose Von Poll Real Estate? 

Social media 

Contemporary marketing is fully woven into the DNA of Von Poll Real Estate. New listings, blog updates (like this one), actualities, new development projects and the latest news around our offices can always be followed via our social media channels LinkedIn, Instagram and Facebook. In addition, our colleagues are always at one-click-of-a-button distance away to answer questions or give advice.

Von Poll Immobilien 

With a real estate agent from Von Poll Real Estate, you get an entire team of professional and experienced experts on your side. And not just in Amsterdam and The Hague, as Von Poll Real Estate's network now comprises more than 350 offices throughout Europe. We regularly welcome international clients to the Netherlands or help Dutch clients realize their dream of a home in Spain, Italy or Germany.  

Print marketing

Besides online marketing channels such as social media and the online network, Von Poll Immobilien's international glossy lifestyle magazine Best Living and ‘De Résidence’ are also a staple within our network. In addition, the team uses local publications such as HelloZuidas. With both beautiful and inspiring lifestyle stories and extensive house presentations from our portfolio, these magazines are an integral part of the Von Poll marketing mix. 

Contemporary and experienced

As a Von Poll Real Estate client a seller, landlord or house seeker benefits from extensive knowledge of more than just the property itself. For example, a number of our colleagues have worked on international projects as expats themselves, know how to put people first through their knowledge of HR, and know how to turn any space into a 'perfect location' through knowledge and understanding of interior styling. Through diverse training and backgrounds, our colleagues always know how to find, create and present the 'perfect places to live'.  

New: the website! 

Von Poll Real Estate's website has been completely revamped and is more complete than ever. With the official opening of our The Hague office, the ever renewing listings in our portfolio and a very fast growing team, it was definitely time for a new website You can read this blog on the renewed website, so be sure to take a look around. Meet our colleagues, view our beautiful listings, read more about our services or contact one of our offices directly. The website is live, but far from complete. We are constantly adding new and relevant information for our clients and partners.  

Wondering what Von Poll Real Estate's real estate agents can do for you? Contact us directly via the new website or call our offices for more information.